SAAYC provides training, mentorship and programme support to youth organisations, youth leaders, individuals, young professionals and youth workers. Through our programmes, training and support; we aim to strengthen the capacity of youth leaders to run sustainable clubs that contribute to youth development. We further provide training to help equip the youth with skills needed to participate and contribute to their own personal and economic development, which in turn, contributes to socio-economic development. This includes employable skills, youth volunteer and management skills, ICT skills, social entrepreneurship training; and more.


Running An Effective Youth Organisation

  • Supporting youth organisations through mentorship and resource
  • Skills to run effective youth organisation


Targets youth organisation’s executives or managers.
The programme capacitates leaders of youth structures with the fundamental skills of running an effective youth organisation through topics such as stakeholder management, fundraising, project management and NGO administration. This is the foundational programme we offer to youth groups to enable them to actively run sustainable youth organisations that can participate in national agendas. The programme is delivered over 8 hours 5-day training and thereafter organisations are given various tasks to be completed within 3 months. The tasks are tailormade per organisation based on their growth and development needs.


  • Leadership training for youth and youth organisation leaders
  • Leadership Camps
  • Leadership Seminars

The focus of the module is to provide youth organisation leaders with a basic understanding of leadership and the role a leader plays in the running of an organisation. The module covers topics such as a role of a leader in the organisation and community, leadership ethics, transformational leadership, attributes of a leader and leadership succession plan. The programme has 10 modules of 45 to 60 min per session.

Life Skills

  • Youth camps and holiday programs for young women and men
  • Personal development skills, improve performance and build organisational capacity

The programme aims to build capacity among young people to effectively deal with the demands of everyday South African life. The programme addresses the knowledge, attitudinal and skills-based competencies among youth. We cover topics such as black consciousness, financial literacy, using education for survival, creative problem solving and positive street smart methods. The programme has modules of 45min per session.


  • Practical Computers Skills Training
  • Cyber Security

To address the unemployment and poverty trajectory among the South African youth which might be further escalated by the 4th Industrial Revolution, SAAYC implements an ICTage programme that seeks to introduce young people to IT to boost growth, fostering innovation, and aiding in job creation. The programme targets young people at the entry-level of IT through our CISCO accredited academy we offer courses modules such as IoT, IT Essentials Software and Hardware and Intro to Cyber Security.

Social Entrepreneurship

  • Social Entrepreneurship Training
  • Contribute resources
  • Cyber Security

This is an exit level programme where SAAYC builds capacity among youth clubs to run Social Enterprises that can sustain their youth organisation and in turn create employment for the youth within the organisation. The programme uses the cooperatives model powered by various stakeholders through training and basic resource funding.

SAAYC services

Club Recruitment And Support Services

Club Assessment, Coaching and Mentorship


Report writing, governance, administration, fundraising, conduct effective meetings

Volunteering (Volunteers Training, Volunteer Management)


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