SAAYC Youth Organization recruitment drive

The Southern African Association of Youth Clubs is a registered Youth Development Organisation since 1937. Our mission is to facilitate and implement integrated youth development programmes through collaboration with strategic partners for the benefit of young people in Southern Africa.

We facilitate training and programme support services to youth leaders, youth clubs, individuals, and youth organisations. As a coordinating body, our services include capacity building in running effective youth organisations, training in leadership skills, social entrepreneurship training, advocacy for youth work, computer & information communication technology training, and leadership seminars for youth- led organisations.

SAAYC encourages youth clubs in their locality to organize themselves as a force and catalysts in youth development.

Our approach to youth development views young people as active participants in their development and seeks to:

  • Influence positive thinking of young people.
  • Facilitate the changing of the environment they are in.
  • Assist and support young people to challenge the odds.
  • Allow young people to determine the intervention and results of their development.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Youth Lead Organisations
  2. Age between 18 – 35 years
  3. Organisation 6 months or more in operation
  4. Organisations that work with youth NOT Project Based Organisation
  5. Willing to commit fully to an 18-month Organisational Development Programme

Required Attachments:

a) 1 page Youth Organisation Motivation Letter highlighting the following:
    What are the goals you hope to achieve as a result of your participation in this programme?

b) Organisation Profile

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All requested documents should be submitted with your application.
  2. Any bridge of our Code of Conduct will result in an automatic expulsion from the programme, and you will be required to pay for all the costs incurred.
  3. After attendance any training you will be required to submit a training report.
  4. Your organisation is required to complete all tasks given to qualify to attend training. Non- submission of given tasks will automatically mean your organisation has dropped out of the programme.

Application form

Download PDF Document Below:

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